What can you do at Colibița? 7 ideas for the holiday

What can you do at the "mountain sea" Colibița?

Neglected by the media rankings with the most beautiful lakes, Colibița annually delights hundreds of tourists from Romania and abroad. If you're still trying to convince yourself if "mountain high" suits your holiday tastes, then let me help you out. 

What can you do at Colibița?

You like trips and hikes - Colibița offers you the ridges of the Călimani Mountains and the Bârgău Mountains. 

You love water sports – Colliția lake it is crossed annually by kayaks, fishing boats and pedal boats. 

Are you a fan of extreme sports - how about rafting on the Bistrita River? 

You just want to get away from the daily stress and relax somewhere where you can sit in the sun and breathe the fresh air – the "beach" between the mountains at Colibița would be appropriate.

Colibița Lake & Legends

The Colibița Dam, built on the Bistrita Bârgăului River between 1977 and 1991, was built with the aim of producing hydroelectric energy. Through the accumulation of water, Colibița Lake was formed, which has an area of 270 hectares, a length of 13 kilometers and a volume of 65 million cubic meters.

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Located at an altitude of 900 meters, Lake Colibița is surrounded by the tourist resort of Colibița, which attracts many tourists eager to enjoy the beauty of nature and the recreational activities available in the area.

Lake Colibita is beautified by the presence of small islands on its surface, which offer a superb view for those who choose to visit the area. The Colibița Dam, built of rock, has a height of 92 meters, a width of 300 m and a crown length of 251 m. It is so big that it is rumored that it could be seen from the Moon (of course, this is just a joke)!

the lake hut legends

If the average value of the maximum ozone concentration in Romania is 72.6 micrograms/m3, in the Colibița area studies have shown that the ozone concentration value is 90 micrograms/m3. These elevations seem to only be found in the Alps, so if you're thinking of going to the Alps for such benefits, think again!

The area is sought after by tourists for the curative properties of the air in Colibița. The town of Colibița is documented since 1760, and until 1940 it was a famous climacteric resort, recommended due to the high concentration of ozone and iodine in the air, for those suffering from lung diseases.

Surrounding the well-known lake of the same name, Colibița is a village in Bistrița-Năsăud, Transylvania, Romania.

History says that until 1979, in place of the lake - with a depth of over 90 meters - there was the village of Colibița, whose inhabitants were moved to the nearby hills for the development of the current reservoir. 

Another famous story, which heralds the quality of the village's ozonated air, is that of a young woman sick with TB who managed to recover by spending time among the Bârgău and Călimani mountains. 

In addition to the benefits for those with respiratory problems, the air in the area serves as an excellent anti-stress and anti-depression therapy.

Types of activities at Colibița

Trail and Tyrolean Colibița: Discover the 'Aventuri' Amusement Park

2023 07 22
Colibita Adventure Adventure Park, Tyrolean

Adventures in the Hut is an amusement park located in the picturesque setting of Colibița town, Bistrița-Năsăud county. Ideal for adrenaline and nature lovers, the park offers a unique foray into a beautiful forest in the area.

Visitors can choose between two different routes, adapted for both adults and children:

  • Adults can experience a route with 10 workshops, having a total length of 153 linear meters, completed by a zip line of 130 meters.
  • For the little ones, there is a route of 19 linear meters composed of 6 workshops and a zip line of 27 meters.
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Whether you want a unique adventure, a challenge or just some quality family time, "Adventures in the Hut" it is the perfect destination. For more details or reservations, you can contact the park team via e-mail or phone.

Mountain trips

As I already mentioned, Colibița is the perfect resort that allows the diversification of activities. 

Besides the wonderful beach between the mountains – which I will come back to later – the most common land activities in Colibița are excursions, hiking and mountain biking. 

One of the most important hikes you must do while you are in the area is the one to the Tăul Zânelor lake and nature reserve. Its importance lies in the beauty and tranquility of the route and destination. 

If you would like more details about the Colibița Dam-Tăul Zânelor route, click here.

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Water activities

We couldn't have a lake without having the possibility to practice water sports. 

Among the most common water activities that take place on Lake Colibița are:


Maybe you've never been in a kayak before, you don't know what type of kayak is best for the water, or you don't know what paddling motion helps you move forward on the water – but you'd like to know all of these things. There are one-day courses that prepare you for peaceful kayaking on Colibița Lake. 

If you're already in the know, just ask for a kayak from the guesthouse / villa you're staying at (they can most likely provide one) and get paddling.


You can enjoy the fresh air and the green of the forests while catching a rainbow trout, a crucian carp, a sable or a clean. 

Jet skis, rowing boats, rafting, windsurfing and steamboats.

Kayaking may not appeal to you, and fishing may not, but Colibița does not neglect you. You have many options to fill your time with activities and water shoes. 

the humiliating nature
the humiliating nature

The hut in winter

Colibița is a versatile resort that adapts its offer of activities depending on the season. In winter, its natural beauty transforms and the list of available activities undergoes changes. Here are some of the activities you can try in Colibița in winter:

  • Sleigh rides: In winter, you can enjoy sleigh rides in the snowy setting of the mountain landscape. This is a great way to enjoy nature and spend quality time with friends and family.
ski resorts colibita, vatra dornei and pasul tihuta
Tihuta Pass
  • Hiking in the snow: Winter, mountain trails around Colibița is covered with snow, offering a special hiking experience. Put on your waterproof boots and embark on an adventure on snowy trails, admiring the beauty of nature while testing your endurance and orienteering skills.
hut activities mountain hikes and trails
  • Snowman Building and Snowball Fights: If you want to have fun in the snow, there's no better way than building a snowman or getting involved in snowball fights with friends and family. These activities are great for all ages and can create unforgettable memories.
  • Enjoy the winter landscape: One of the biggest advantages of a holiday at Colibița in winter is the beauty of the snowy landscape. You can spend time admiring the view of the frozen lake and snow-capped mountains, taking photos or simply relaxing in front of a campfire or fireplace in the guesthouse.
landscape hut in winter
  • Relaxation in the jacuzzi: After a day full of activities on the snow, you can relax in a jacuzzi at one of the guesthouses or villas in Colibița. An excellent option for accommodation at the hut It is French villa, which offers comfortable accommodation, jacuzzi and other modern facilities, to enjoy an unforgettable winter holiday.

Recreational activities at the "mountain sea"

A holiday at Colibița also has the ability to relax and unwind tourists. After all, it has all the necessary elements: 

  • a superb view of the lake and the mountains
  • fresh air 
  • beaches between mountains
  • spa
  • Jacuzzi
  • restaurants and trout shops

Where is the Hut?

If we have convinced you to give your vacation at the well-known reservoir a chance and you want to know how to get to Colibița, then whether you are coming from Bistrița (1) or coming from Vatra Dornei (2), the access it is done on DN 17.

  1. From Bistrita, having reached Prundul Bârgăului, continue on County Road 173A.
  2. From Vatra Dornei, enter the E58.

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