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Colibița is a popular tourist destination located in the north of Romania, near the city of Bistrița. This area is known for its scenic landscapes and the outdoor activities it offers such as fishing, hiking and water sports.

The weather in Colibița can be quite variable, depending on the season and the altitude you are at. In winter, temperatures can drop below zero degrees Celsius and the lake can be covered in ice. It is a perfect time to practice winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding.

In spring, the weather warms up and plants begin to bloom. Temperatures can vary between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius and rain is quite common. It is a perfect time to visit the area and admire the natural scenery.

Summer is the busiest time in Colibița, with temperatures that can exceed 30 degrees Celsius. The lake is perfect for swimming and other water sports such as canoeing or jet skiing.

Autumn is a quieter time in Colibița, with lower temperatures and the leaves starting to change to warm colors. It is the perfect time to hike through the forest and admire the natural scenery.

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In addition to relaxation, the Hut is a perfect place for adventure and outdoor activities. Numerous activities can be explored in the area that satisfy the various preferences of tourists. If you are a water sports lover, you can try sea or river kayaking and discover the beauty of nature on the lake. If you are into the mountains, you can choose to go on mountain hiking trails, explore the terrain by mountain bike or go rock climbing. For those who want to try more extreme activities, abseiling and ziplining are available.

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Mountain accommodation in dream locations by the lake, at the foot of the mountains

The French Villa and associated properties are located on the shores of Lake Colibița, just a few steps from the water. Our locations give you a unique perspective of the lake and the surrounding mountain ridges.

2 VIP Apartments with jacuzzi, 5 Standard Apartments, 1 Children's play area

1 Open Livingroom, 1 American Kitchen, 1 Dining Room
1 open living room, 1 kitchen,
1 dining room
3 apartments with a double bed and a single bed
1 open living room, 1 kitchen,
1 dining room
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