Accommodation Colibita Vila Franceza on the shore of Lake Colibita

The spike from the mountain or the vacation you've been waiting for half a year. "Navigation guide" in the controversial Colibița

the hill from the mountain
the hill from the mountain

The other day I was reading an article about tourists who visited Colibița and who left a comment about the experience caused by that vacation. In one of the articles I have come across a long line of complaints from those who came to the sea from the mountain Hut with hopes and who left the stake from the mountain with regrets.

For some, the experience can't even be compared to that of other mountains or other tourist attractions in the country - that's how bad it seemed to them.

If we sketch the portrait of the Hut in accordance with the testimonies of the tourists, we are left with an area completely forgotten by the authorities, therefore not properly developed for a place unofficially called a resort. There are no tourist information centers and no guides to guide newly arrived tourists. The public lake is bordered by private property, so you only get access to the water if you stay on the shore or if you're lucky enough to snag a lounger at the lakeside guesthouses. The lack of pharmacies or shops, the limited number of restaurants, but also activities to fill your time are among the problems that arose in their comments.  

They have identified some really troublesome situations, which should come to the attention of the competent people - or at least the relevant authorities. While we understand from what anger and creative license the name "mountain spike" can be born, we are also of the opinion that man makes his experience with his hand. 

Before you throw stones at us for what we said, we need to make one thing clear: when deciding where you want to spend your next vacation, whether you're visiting an unfamiliar city, resort, or country, you "do your homework." 

That is, you read and collect as much information as possible about accommodation. 

That is, you check what activities you can do in the area. 

That is, you make sure that you have pharmacies nearby, that you have somewhere to eat or that you have somewhere to buy food.

Even if it's a gorgeous area and photographed so well, you can't blindly visit it just for its beauty and then complain that it doesn't live up to your standards. This makes the "mountain stake" not to the taste buds of all tourists, but isn't that a common aspect of most holiday resorts?

On this occasion, we will address their grievances and present alternative solutions to the identified problems so that you can enjoy the area, which (please do an exercise in imagination) is really worth it. 

From "mountain stake" to "mountain sea"

“We couldn't find room to get to the lake except by going over fenced property to the edge of the lake, I read about this but didn't believe it until I saw it. It took us two days to find where to jump the fences."

Of all the negative reviews about the location, the one about the high difficulty of finding access to the lake beats all others by being extremely common. 

It's a common marketing practice, one that omits some aspects of reality, namely the fact that you can spend time on the edge of the lake only if you stay at a villa with an opening to it. It's sad, yes. 

On the one hand, you have the option to stay at any of the many villas in the area and try to negotiate your lakeside stay with the owners of the shore villas, or visit the lakeside, where no one restricts your access . On the other hand, one can opt for a lakeside villa. 

You may need to be flexible with when you schedule your leave, but it may help to start your search a few months in advance.

"Whoever gave the name and announced through articles like "Mountain Sea" did nothing but false advertising." 

I did this. And we called it "the mountain sea". And we will continue to do so. 


Let's say you are provided with beach "equipment", i.e. an umbrella and a sun lounger facing the stretch of water lit by the summer sun. You put on sunscreen, lie down on the sun lounger and just sit there, lazily looking at your surroundings through your sunglasses. Sometimes you get up to dip your toes in the water, only to return to the now-hot seat. 

I didn't say if this happens at the sea or in the mountains, but wherever it happens, this is sunbathing, which, by definition, is also called "sunbathing".

Many tourists come to Colibița to quietly enjoy the good weather among the forested mountains of the area. 

So, even if there is no sand and the waves only make the branches of the trees when the wind blows, the lake presents an opportunity to act a little like you are at the sea, when in reality you are among the mountains.

the hut lake
the hut lake

There are no pharmacies or shops. 

There aren't many shops (not at all), but there are two grocery stores and a souvenir shop (which we "think" warms you up a lot).

As for pharmacies, yes - there are none. 

The nearest one is a 25-minute drive away. That's why we recommend taking a few basic medicines with you on holiday, such as pain relievers, anti-inflammatories, anti-diarrheals and any other medicine you can anticipate using. 

Also, if you have any conditions that could ruin your vacation and life in general, pack your kit with the necessary medications to make sure you're safe and able to see your trip through.

"Disappointing. It is not suitable for holidays for those who live in the mountains"

We cannot bring a counter-argument to this... Maybe only: "On the contrary, it is indicated for anyone."

But that would just be a battle of opinions. 

I met tourists from other mountainous areas of the country, who found what they were looking for at Colibița, which was, broadly speaking, another setting, another air, another atmosphere or another image - in any case, something other than what they felt at home.

"In 7 days we were simply bored."

A few months ago I wrote in an article focused on what you can do at Colibița, and the multitude of activities made us call it a "chameleon-resort" back then. 

If we were to compose a list of what can be done at Colibița, it would sound like this:

  • hike to Tăul Zânelor
  • kayaking
  • fishing
  • pedalos 
  • rafting
  • skiing
  • sledging

… and so on.

fishing on lake colibita
fishing on lake colibita

In another vein, Colibița is characterized by the peaceful atmosphere that dominates nature and, from here, the general concept that floats in the air everywhere on social media, but also on site - Colibița is "the place to relax". 

Some of the tourists who visited the lake planned to retreat and escape the stress of everyday life. 

To conclude, proving why we are sure of all this, let's look at the impressions that our customers left Colibița with:

"An oasis of calm right next to the lake, everything superlative."

"An elegant location in an incredibly quiet place!!"

"The accommodation, the hospitality, the tranquility to which nature is added, charged our batteries, filled our souls."

"If you want to relax, not knowing about anyone and anything, this is the ideal place."

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