the little oasis of peace

The hut, the oasis of peace and relaxation in the heart of nature

the air of the little oasis of peace
The air of Colibița, an oasis of peace

The air from Colibița

While writing the title of this article, after I described Colibiţa as the oasis of peace and relaxation in the "heart" of nature, I thought it would be equally appropriate to call it the oasis of peace in the "lungs" of nature, if we think about the healing properties of the air in the area. We can say this because studies have shown that the value of the maximum ozone concentration measured in Colibiţa is 90 micrograms/m3, while the average value in Romania is 72.6 micrograms/m3. As we know that in the big cities these values are much below the average value, after inhaling the noxes from the cities where we live and after staying in that constant noise, we come to the conclusion that a holiday at Colibița is, in addition to relaxing in this oasis of stillness, a relearning to breathe, a reminder of what fresh air means to the clarity of our minds and the health of our bodies.

Outdoor movement Colibita
Outdoor movement Colibita

Outdoor movement

The fact that we have these levels of ozone concentration similar to those of the Alps, here, so close to us, means that we can reserve a session of this, to breathe, at any time of the year. And it's not just about relaxed breathing, it can also be about deep breathing, about active rest, because hiking, mountain biking, climbing, rafting, boating, pedal boating or kayaking, fishing and even skiing, sledding, snowboarding, in nearby, at Pasul Tihuța or at Vatra Dornei, are part, depending on the season, of the ways of movement and healthy breathing that we can practice during the holiday at Colibița. It is also the perfect place for those who, by the nature of their daily activities, have a more sedentary, more routine lifestyle and want more adventure, more physical activity, and for those who are, in their everyday life, physically overworked and they need more quiet, meditation and relaxation. From the zipline in the adventure park to the fishing spots, there are alternatives for all tastes.

We can have that meeting with business partners or the work team and in a different setting than usual, we can celebrate an event or an anniversary with family members and in a place other than home or on I don't know which terrace, we can we have fun or exercise with our friends and somewhere else than in the club or at the gym, because we can wish for ourselves to evolve for the better, for the healthier, for the more beautiful.

landscape hut summer clear sky
Colibița lake landscape


As for "beautiful", at Colibița "beautiful" is at home, it is everywhere, wherever you look. The landscape, which seems torn from the stories, which resembles heaven on earth, with the expanse of water of the lake embraced by mountains, forests, reflecting the shades of the sky and the slow movement of clouds, satisfies our need for magic, detaches us from all the hustle and bustle of the daily routine and it reminds us that we humans also need contemplation, that this helps us reach the state from which to complete the design of our life, to add color and light to it.

About the beauty of the places, in addition to everything that already existed as a presentation and promotion until now, if you did not know, I announce that Charlie Ottley, the famous English producer who made the documentary series "Flavors of Romania", broadcast by Netlix, included, in one of the seasons, spectacular images from this location. If you need convincing, you can watch it.

French villa hut accommodation 1024x576 1
Accommodation Colibița Villa French

Accommodation in Colibița, the oasis of peace on the mountain

Because people who have discovered the beauty of holidays in Colibița always want to return to it, the places of accommodation they are very popular, and reservations should be made in advance, because they are worth the effort, regardless of the weather or season. It's not even such a big effort if we consider that reservations can be made online in a few clicks and that there is the possibility to see the accommodation options that include guesthouses, cabins, modern apartments, and which present you with comfort facilities, with a panoramic view, swimming pool, jacuzzi, to restaurants or trout farms.

We will tell more about all this, about times and about the weather in Colibița, about Colibița in winter, about history, about tourist attractions in the Colibița area and about many others, because there is a lot to tell and a lot to see.

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